Oct 092011

Windmill “De Ster” is located in the Dutch city of Utrecht, in the Lombok neighbourhood. The mill was originally erected in the 18th century, and reconstructed in the 90s of the last century. It is used as a sawmill: logs are supplied via the nearby canal and they are cut into boards by a series of parallel blades that are driven by the windmill’s main shaft through an excenter mechanism.

The windmill can be visited every Saturday and I did this yesterday. Usually the windmill is in operation at these times, provided there is sufficient wind. But yesterday the miller was not around so I could not see the mechanism in action. Still I managed to capture some impressive pictures. The item that looks like an artpiece by Joseph Beuys is actually pig lard that was (and is) used to grease the mechanism.

In the evening I visited a small concert in the main fabrication hall, where songs by Kurt Weill were played.

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